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Pride! Tips for Celebrating and Supporting Young People

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June is Pride month, a time to celebrate the 2SLGBTQ+ community!

We are grateful to those in the community who have bravely created room for us all to authentically be ourselves and are committed to ensuring safe spaces for all individuals and families.

A positive self-image is an important part of our mental wellbeing. However, developing one can be difficult for young people, especially those exploring their gender and sexuality. For parents and caregivers seeking ways to create a safe environment for young people to develop a healthy self-image, here are some tips that may help:

Educate yourself

Whether we personally identify as 2SLGBTQ+ or not, educating ourselves is important for all of us. Across time and history, people have loved other people regardless of gender. It can be helpful for you and your young person to learn about different identities together, understanding that the world is a beautiful and rich place because of our differences and that there is no such thing as “normal.”

Challenge all forms of discrimination

Challenging homophobia, transphobia, and other forms of discrimination can look as simple as questioning someone’s thoughts and/or comments. Whether a harmful comment is made unknowingly or intentionally, it can be internalized by youth exploring their identity, which is why it is so critical to challenge.

Seek support

This can look like finding role models or peer support groups. Seeing positive images of people we connect with can help us with our own self-image, and listening to how others have overcome hardships to self-acceptance can be powerful and encouraging. Counselling is also an option for young people looking for a private and safe environment to have conversations.

Starting places for outside support:

"I taught students with special needs for a third of my career. Back then we didn't have the resources to support them. I wanted to change that. Giving back to my community through Lutherwood has been fulfilling and it has given me purpose."