Vision, Mission, Values

Our vision, mission, and values are guiding statements that lead our Board, leaders, and staff to pursue service excellence, social service leadership, and innovative solutions that will help us strengthen the lives of those in our community and beyond.

Our Vision

Communities where all children, youth, adults and families experience mental wellness, financial stability, and a safe place to live.

Our Mission

We inspire hope and strengthen lives by offering high-quality mental health, employment and housing services.

Our Values

Respect for Others

Embracing inclusion and diversity, we treat people with empathy and dignity, and without judgment.


We inspire hope and optimism by being positive and demonstrating a desire to help.

Working Together

We strengthen our ability to achieve our Vision and Mission by working closely with community partners and each other.


Our growth mindset enables us to evolve both as individuals and as an organization.


We deliver excellence by being innovative in problem-solving, committed to continuous improvement, and accountable for results.