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How To Know When a Job is a Good Fit

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Welcome To 61

Searching for a job, applying, interviewing, and then finally landing an offer can be an exciting time, but how can you tell if the job is going to be a good fit for you? There are a few questions you can ask yourself before committing to a position to make sure it fits with your schedule, family life or lifestyle.

  1. What are my key values, and how do they align with the employers? Many companies will have a posted vision or mission statement along with the key values that they stand for. Take some time to consider what are the values that are important for you in a workplace, and how do they line up with the employer’s?
  2. Does the position allow for the lifestyle I want? It’s important to consider your own lifestyle – do you need a position that has a flexible schedule? Are consistent hours important to you or can they vary? What is the work from home policy?
  3. Are there opportunities for advancement? Are you looking for a career that is dynamic and you can really learn and grow in, or something that is stable and less likely to change as time goes on? Are you interested in taking on more responsibilities over time or not?
  4. How did the hiring process make me feel? How well did you “click” with the interviewer? Were there any points in the assessment process that made you feel uncomfortable? Carefully consider your experience as a candidate and how it felt for you.
These factors and more are important to consider when looking at best fit for a job. Taking a role that does not mesh well with our schedule, goals, values, or lifestyle can lead to dissatisfaction down the road. It’s important to carefully consider a position throughout the entire assessment process and be constantly evaluating – is this job a good fit for me?
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