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Children's Mental Health Week (May 6-12)

Lutherwood and kidsLINK have launched two radio ads to raise awareness of Children's Mental Health Week.

Things are finally changing. Society’s perception of mental health along with our attitudes towards those coping with mental health challenges, is moving away from ignorance and stigma to awareness and understanding. And we are seeing a mental health diagnosis for what it is, an illness.

Early detection and treatment for mental health problems is key to successful outcomes but the stigma of having a mental health problem has kept people away from having an assessment. But today, people are talking about mental health and the stigma is eroding. By continuing this dialogue, we all become part of the solution.
Lutherwood and kidsLINK, as children's mental health service providers, have once again teamed up to produce two radio advertisements promoting Children's Mental Health Week. Please listen to our ads (below), talk about your concerns with your children, and if you are concerned about your child's mental health, call Front Door at (519) 749-2932.

Lutherwood Program Manager Patty McColl provides a voice narrative to close off one of the two advertisements which will be featured all week on CHYM FM, KIX FM, and 570 NEWS. Other voices were provided by Lutherwood staff and youth.

Staff person in recording studio
Patty McColl on Radio
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