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How Being A Superhero Will Help You Get A Job

by Chris Turcot

The process of job hunting is hard, stressful, and full of unknowns.

What is the right job for me? Is this organization what it appears to be? Is the culture a slogan or something they really live? Am I going to get along with my supervisors and co-workers who will have some control over what I do and whether I enjoy the work? And many more unknowns...

Besides these many unknowns, the interview process is one aspect dreaded by most of us. You will be questioned by someone you do not know, and they will judge you. They will have biases that you will not be aware of, and you cannot be prepared for some of them.

Often in a 45-minute meeting, someone will make a decision that will impact your life.

But wait, how will being a Superhero help you?

You need to be confident going into a process that is often designed on purpose or not, to make you uncomfortable. You need to intentionally use whatever technique works for you to boost your confidence level as you walk into an interview. Research shows that confident people appear smarter and that individuals feel 31% smarter when they are confident.

If you stand in the power pose position for 5 minutes before an interview it will boost your level of confidence. In research done by Amy Cuddy, physical changes (primarily opening yourself up and expanding your physical presence) can lead to a positive boost in your energy and confidence.


By performing a power pose for 5 minutes in a bathroom or somewhere quiet before an interview you will be better prepared to meet the challenge of an interview.

There are other techniques including:

  1. Visioning: the process of projecting yourself into the role and the positive future benefits that will come from getting this job. The key is to project positive outcomes.
  2. Dress for success: wear clothes that make you feel good or listen to music that pumps you up.
  3. Positive self-talk: without an interview, you cannot get a job and meet your goals. Therefore, you want to interview. Tell yourself that you are ready, you are the ideal candidate, and be enthusiastic! Stand in front of a mirror and look into each eye and say 5 good things about yourself.
  4. Fake it until you are it: no one is perfect, and everyone starts with little knowledge and or experience. So don’t be afraid to start!

The job search process is filled with uncertainty and a lack of control as people who just met you will judge and decide whether you are a fit for their organization. What you can control is yourself and how you interview.

Be intentional in preparing your state of mind, use the technique that works for you, and it will make you feel ready for the challenge.

Be a superhero!