Ontario Broader Public Sector Supply Chain Code of Ethics Policy


Lutherwood is a broader public sector (BPS) organization to which the Broader Public Sector Accountability Act, 2010 applies. Effective January 1, 2012 Lutherwood must comply with the broader public sector (BPS) Procurement Directive (the “Directive”).


1. Five key principles built into the Directive are as follows:

a ) Accountability – organizations must be accountable for the results of their procurement decisions and the appropriateness of the processes.

b) Transparency – organizations must be transparent to all stakeholders. Wherever possible, stakeholders must have equal access to information on procurement opportunities, processes and results.

c) Value for Money – organizations must maximize the value they receive from the use of public funds. A value-for-money approach aims to deliver goods and services at the optimum total life cycle cost.

d) Quality Service Delivery – frontline services provided by organizations, such as teaching and patient care, must receive the right product, at the right time, in the right place.

e) Process Standardization – standardized processes remove inefficiencies and create a level playing field.

2. All employees involved with the activities within the BPS Procurement Directive must conduct themselves in accordance with the Ontario Broader Public Sector (BPS) Supply Chain Code of Ethics below. The goal is to ensure an ethical, professional and accountable BPS supply chain.

3. a) Personal Integrity and Professionalism – individuals involved with Supply Chain Activities must act, and be seen to act, with integrity and professionalism. Honesty, care and due diligence must be integral to all Supply Chain Activities within and between BPS organizations, suppliers and other stakeholders. Respect must be demonstrated for each other and for the environment. Confidential information must be safeguarded. Participants must not engage in any activity that may create, or appear to create, a conflict of interest, such as accepting gifts or favours, providing preferential treatment, or publicly endorsing suppliers or products.

b) Accountability and Transparency – Supply Chain Activities must be open and accountable. In particular, contracting and purchasing activities must be fair, transparent and conducted with a view to obtaining the best value for public money. All participants must ensure that public sector resources are used in a responsible, efficient and effective manner.

c) Compliance and Continuous Improvement – individuals involved with purchasing or other Supply Chain Activities must comply with this Code of Ethics and the laws of Canada and Ontario. Individuals should continuously work to improve supply chain policies and procedures, to improve their supply chain knowledge and skill levels, and to share leading practices.