Day Treatment Overview (Over 12)
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Day Treatment Overview (Over 12)

The Day Treatment Program Over-12 stream provides a multi-disciplinary, specialized treatment model and educational service. Clients who attend this Day Treatment Program also may be able to access additional services, such as Family Therapy, Music Therapy and psychological assessment (based on availability). Lutherwood has a Therapeutic Section 23 School Program located onsite and is in partnership with the Waterloo Region District School Board (WRDSB).

Benjamin  Rd  Location
Lutherwood's Day Treatment Program is located at 285 Benjamin Road, Waterloo

Utilizing a Strength-Based Approach

The Day Treatment Program utilizes a strength-based relationship approach when working alongside clients and their families. The client and family help to direct the treatment plan by identifying what their needs are and what they are hoping for or prepared to change in their lives.

The Day Treatment Program assesses behavior and needs through a Trauma and Attachment informed lens as well as incorporates any accommodations that may be required to support the client’s individual needs. The focus of the program is to help with developing emotion regulation skills, interpersonal skills, self-care skills, and problem-solving skills through the teaching and coaching of Dialectical Behavior Informed Therapy (DBT-I) strategies. Improving family relationships and supports is also a key component of the Day Treatment Program. All whilst support the classroom supports and needs that are required in order to ensure the youth is successful, whatever that might look for that individual client.

A Classroom Equipped to Support Your Child's Needs

Each youth is placed in a specific classroom based on their OSR, and contracting information, screening tools and assessment done via Intensive Family Support Worker and/or Clinician. This information is then brought to the larger multi-disciplinary team to determine most suitable fit, based on age, academic functioning, chronological age and supports required in the classroom.

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Typical Day Treatment Classroom

Each Classroom has a CYC and a WRDSB teacher, and at times depending on the need they may have multiple CYC’s present. Each class is structured based on the curriculum the teacher implements, and they cover a wide range of subjects. The Day Treatment Program follows the Ontario curriculum as is required by the Ontario College of Teachers for any member in good standing. As a Section 23 program our mandate from the Ministry of Education is to ensure that we are working to improve the Literacy and Numeracy of each student while collaborating with our agency partner. For those students in high school, we also aim to support the earning of credits. Regarding credits, all students engage in Gym, Integrated Arts, and a core credit of their choosing (worked out with their teacher and family). If this plan were to change, we would inform the agency well in advance.

During the school day twice a week, the CYCs/IFSW/Clinician staff lead DBT groups. In addition to this, the classroom CYC also runs a Treatment Group that has a focus per week (For example, Self-esteem, Hygiene, Being a good friend).

In addition, as of 2019/2020, Lutherwood has added a “Direct Access Day Treatment Program” providing two transition desks for youth working with Community Court Support Program and needing support for gaining skills to transition back to a community school program. DADT collaborates with the Community Court Support Program to provide assessment and treatment to build skills necessary for a successful transition.