The Need for Change
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The Need for Change

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Years ago, a mother of a troubled teenager reminded us of how difficult finding mental health services for children and youth can be. She spoke about her two-year search for help with her son’s behavioural issues. She had been to her son’s school, physician, a local hospital and even her church. One day, her son got so angry that he lost control and fearing for the family's safety, she called the police for help. It was the police service that connected her to Front Door.

The children’s mental health system failed her before she even found it! So this is changing... it had to!

Lutherwood and seven local agencies that deliver children’s mental health services are transforming the system to ensure that children, youth and their families will know what children’s mental health services are available, have confidence in those services and get the support they need and deserve.

Moving on Mental Health

The transformation started in 2012, when the Ministry of Children and Youth Services (MCYS) launched Moving on Mental Health to ensure consistent, high quality children’s mental health services are available across Ontario. To support this process, MCYS appointed Lutherwood as one of 33 “Lead Agencies” to be responsible for the children’s mental health service planning and delivery in each of their respective communities.

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