Why Engage in a Market Rent Housing Search?
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Why Engage in a Market Rent Housing Search?

Most rental housing in Waterloo Region is owned by landlords who operate their properties on a for-profit basis. They are privately owned and there is no rental subsi

the demand in our community and wait times are long. This applies to singles as well as families, and also includes those who may be experiencing a housing crisis and may be staying in an Emergency Shelter.

Private Market Rent Housing currently has a 2.9 % vacancy rate as of April 2015. Private Market Rent Housing is competitive, and requires a thorough and planned housing search in order to link with current available housing in our community.

If you are currently experiencing housing loss, you need to know that there is growing research that indicates that housing instability, and homelessness, has negative impacts on both adults and children. Individuals and families who experience homelessness and who may be staying in an Emergency Shelter, are more likely to experience physical, emotional, social as well as developmental issues. The longer the homelessness persists, the increased likelihood of experiencing difficulties and challenges in both the short term and long term.

The shortest time spent without permanent housing, the better it is for you and or your family.Linking to available Market Rental Housing is the quickest gateway to obtaining Housing Stability in Waterloo Region.

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