How Should I Get Ready For a Housing Search?
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How Should I Get Ready For a Housing Search?

To secure housing 3 important things are needed:

  1. Income- to pay rent
  2. ID- to prove who we are
  3. Landlord Reference – to establish a positive rental history

If there is no current established source of income please follow the following steps:

  • Call Ontario Works intake line 519-883-2100
  • Ensure all sources of eligible income are being received ie: EI or CCTB ( Canada Child Tax Benefit)
  • If there is no CTB call 1-800-387-1193 and follow steps outlined by CTB 

If there is established income from all eligible sources:

  • Get copies of proof of all income, including CTB ( Blue form from Rev Canada or print off a bank statement of direct deposit amount) 
  • If receiving OW or ODSP, get a letter from Caseworker indicating maximum monthly eligibility based on Max Shelter portion ( not the amount on the last check if max was not received)

If there is no ID, contact someone who has copies i.e: other service providers, family, family or friends, OW/ODSP, Schools. If unsuccessful, link with ID clinic: 745-4404 x207.

Find a past landlord, or friend or family member with whom you may have resided, to use as a reference. 

Once we have established income, ID and a positive landlord reference, we are ready to begincreating a “Rental Application Information Package.” Copy all documents to create 5-10packages to hand out to landlords. Provide this with all completed rental applications.Identify target rent amount, usually based on up to 65% of all sources of income ( includingCCTB), and match with available housing to determine the size of unit that can be sustainableon your budget, with rent payment becoming the priority.

Have a plan for how you will pay your last month’s rent deposit, how you will pay your 1stmonth’s rent as well as on-going rent payments monthly. Landlords will need to know howthey will get paid. Once you identify target rent amount, and available units in your pricerange, you are ready to schedule viewings.

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