I Have an Eviction Notice, What Do I Do?
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I Have an Eviction Notice, What Do I Do?

If you are living in rental housing in Ontario and you receive an eviction order, it does not mean that you must vacate your unit immediately.

Under the Residential Tenancies Act there are specific reasons why a landlord can begin an eviction process. The most common reason is for Rent Arrears but there are a number of other reasons as well including problematic behaviors. Eviction notices are an avenue for a landlord to communicate that there is a problem with your tenancy. Sometimes tenancies can be saved and you can continue to be housed in your current place.

If you have Rent Arrears, your landlord will typically give you an early warning to end your tenancy with an end date. This form is called an N4. If you pay the Rent Arrears by the date on the notice, then the notice is null and void and your tenancy is secure.  If you need assistance with rent arrears and you are receiving Ontario Works or Ontario Disability Support Program, your first step is to call your caseworker to discuss options. If you are not connected with income supports, Lutherwood Housing Advisors may be able to assist you with exploring financial options to maintain your tenancy.  If the tenancy cannot be saved, Housing Advisors can help you to explore alternate housing options.

If your landlord has stated that there are Problematic Behaviors, they typically give you an early warning to change unwanted behaviors, with a form called an N5.  This is an opportunity for you to discuss with your landlord which behaviors you are willing to change in order to save your tenancy.  It is also a chance to improve your landlord relationship to sustain and maintain your tenancy. Should you need advocacy or help discussing your tenancy and you do not currently have a housing support worker, you may access a Housing Advisor at Lutherwood Housing Services to discuss eviction prevention. ( provide link to Housing Support Services. )

If you receive an eviction notice for any reason, you do not have to leave your rental unit unless the Sheriff has posted the second notice on your door and the locks are changed. Only the Sheriff can legally remove you from your unit. It is advised that you seek assistance from your housing worker or a Housing Advisor at Lutherwood, when you receive your first notice of eviction, so adequate planning to save your tenancy can occur, or to look at other housing options if needed.

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