Give a Yummy, Cozy and Comfy Gift!
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Give a Yummy, Cozy and Comfy Gift!

We want to give you the opportunity to bring yummy, cozy and comfy cheer to a youth at Lutherwood this holiday season! Choose from our menu of yummy, warm, practical, cozy and fun gifts for kids - gifts that show children that they are valued and cared for.

Bus Tickets

Practical Things

This donation purchases a bus tickets and hygiene items that are essential for youth
Suggested Value: $15

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Cozy and Comfy Things

This donation purchases mittens and hats or PJs for a youth who has come to Lutherwood with nothing.
Suggested Value: $20

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Bowling Balls

Fun Things

Purchases a movie or bowling pass so a teen can have a fun night away from their challenges
Suggested Value: $25

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Yummy Things Cup

Yummy Things

This purchases a restaurant or coffee shop gift card to allow a youth to enjoy a warm meal or beverage
Suggested Value: $5 - $50

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Thank you for helping a youth in need this holiday season!