Ways to Give
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Ways to Give

There are many ways for you to provide a gift to support the children, youth and families served by Lutherwood. A brief description of each is found below but please contact us via email at foundation@lutherwood.ca, or by telephone at 519-884-1470 ext. 2123 if you would like more information about any of these options.

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One Time Gift

Make a donation and give hope to children, youth and families! You will receive an official tax receipt confirming your gift for donations of $10.00 and more.

Pledged Gift

It is very helpful to us when we know that we can count on your ongoing support. One-time gifts help us with immediate needs and for those willing to make a commitment to give us a donation on a regular basis, we are happy to accept your monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual gift for whatever period of time you choose. A pledged gift helps us to better plan what programs we are able to fund.

Monthly Giving

A designated amount coming monthly to us is a helpful way for us to plan ahead and a way for you to know consistently what you are giving. It is as easy as sending in predated cheques, setting up monthly credit card payments or setting up a monthly debit withdrawal from your bank account.

Special Occasion

Make a donation in honour of someone special in recognition of special occasions, such as a specific holiday, a wedding, anniversary, birthday, retirement or other happy event. Lutherwood Child and Family Foundation will send a card to that person to acknowledge your thoughtfulness and will not disclose the amount of your donation unless you request that we do so.

Memorial Gift

Make a donation in memory of a family member, friend or colleague, and Lutherwood Child and Family Foundation will send a card on your behalf acknowledging your thoughtful donation. Again, we will not disclose the amount of your donation unless you request that we do so.


Some items that are of value to Lutherwood or its clients may qualify for a tax receipt for a gift-in-kind. For example, art, furniture or equipment may qualify for gift receipts. The value of the receipt is based on the fair market value or proof of value of the gift as assessed by a qualified third party. The donor is responsible for attaining the objective valuation of the gift-iin-kind. A tax receipt for fair market value, as assessed by a qualified third party, is available to the donor

Gifts of Publicly-Traded Securities

Gifts of publicly traded securities help you pay substantially less tax than if you sold them. As of May 2006, the capital gains tax on donations of publicly listed shares has been eliminated, Lutherwood Foundation has a clear process through which we can accept your gift of a publicly-traded security. Complete this form and follow the instructions at the bottom. We have a policy of immediately selling all gifts of shares and will provide you with a tax receipt for the value of the shares on the day we received them.

Gift Cards for Lutherwood Clients

Often, families served by Lutherwood experience financial struggles and may find it difficult to purchase food, clothing or gifts for their children – especially at Christmas or for special occasions. If you would like to purchase a grocery or department store gift care and sent it to us with your contact information and cash register receipt we will give it directly to a family in need and provide you with a tax receipt.

Care Items

Troubled youth find shelter and security at two residential facilities operated by Lutherwood – at our Children's Mental Health Centre on Benjamin Road in Waterloo and our Safe Haven youth shelter at the Betty Thompson Youth Centre in Downtown Kitchener. Youth staying with us often need hygiene, clothing and comfort items and we are happy to accept new donations of:

  • Single bed size quilts or comforters
  • Personal Items e.g. shampoo, conditioners, soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes, deodorants.
  • Knitted items (during winter) e.g. scarves, hats and mitts for our youth.
  • New or gently used teddy bears

Employee Giving and/or Matching Gift Program

People want to work for companies that care about causes they believe in and for those that demonstrate a commitment to the quality of life in their community. By encouraging your employees to donate, volunteer time or organize a third party event it benefits both Lutherwood and the company by promoting corporate spirit and building teamwork across an organization.

Corporate Sponsorship

Companies are invited to provide either a cash or in-kind donation to promote a Lutherwood activity, such as our signature event, Steps for Kids. No receipt is issued as the company will receive marketing, advertising and promotional benefits.

Legacy Giving

Good stewardship of our resources is a healthy way to ensure that programs we care about today will be available for tomorrow. To demonstrate a depth of commitment to the future of Lutherwood a planned gift, most often through an estate, will make a significantl contribution to the wellness of future generations. There are many ways to make a planned gift: bequests, life insurance, charitable gift annuities, trusts and gifts of real estate and securities.

The following are the 2 most common ways to leave a Legacy Gift to Lutherwood:


Through your will, you can continue your commitment to Lutherwood by identifying a charitable gift of either a certain amount of money or a percentage of your assets. This kind of donation can generate tax credits to offset taxes payable by your estate.

Gift of Life Insurance Policy

Donors can plan now for future gifts to Lutherwood Child and Family Foundation. By designating the Foundation as owner of a new or existing insurance policy, you continue to make premium payments and receive a charitable tax receipt for the premiums paid. If you designate the Foundation as beneficiary only, the proceeds of the policy go directly to the Foundation upon death and your estate receives a tax credit for the policy payout. Through charitable life insurance donations, donors can make larger gifts than they might otherwise have thought possible.