"I felt like I was a broken person..."
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"I felt like I was a broken person..."

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I’m writing to you today, because of Lilly* and others like her.

She is 14 years old, softly spoken with no trace of an accent. Her eyes are hidden behind her dark bangs. Her hair is up in a messy teenage topknot and she has one tiny ladybug earring in one ear.

“I didn’t know I had a mental health problem. I just thought I was broken. Something was wrong with me. My parents told me that all the time, comparing me to my ‘perfect’ sister. They told me to be like her. But I couldn’t. I just couldn’t.”

Lilly knew she needed help, she knew her life was going downhill. But she didn’t know where to get what she needed. She had regular panic attacks in the halls at school and skipped classes as much as she could. Home was no better. Lilly needed help from someone who cares, someone like you.

Her parents, a newcomer family, have limited English. They don’t have words for mental health in their language. They don’t understand words like anxiety and depression. There is only a word for something broken. Something which can’t be fixed.

You know something that they do not know: that there is hope for those who struggle with mental health.

Lilly has overwhelming feelings of pain often. She experiences a terrible anxiety that has no outlet daily – and she needs tools and support to help her manage this. Her family situation is still very difficult as her parents struggle to understand her condition. Lilly just can’t wait for things to work out on their own.

Finally, a friend told her about Lutherwood.

You can get free counselling there. Maybe they can help you.

Desperate, she walked into Front Door children’s mental health services. And because of gifts from someone like you, she was welcomed.

After a free one hour consultation, Lilly was connected to a Lutherwood youth mental health program. It has opened the door of healing a tiny crack for her. But this is only the start; she needs more help to find her way. And this is why I’m writing to you today.

You know that a little bit of help at the right time, can go a long way. Will you donate and give that help to Lilly right now?

Help Kids Like Lilly Donate Button

Your donation will help Lilly get the right diagnosis and treatment for her mental health disorder. You will make sure that when she calls Lutherwood in distress, there is someone there she can talk to. You will provide the trained social worker who will be able to help her get the treatment she needs – and if necessary to sit down with her parents and a translator - to talk things through.

After support and growth through Lutherwood programs, someone like Lilly, although still struggling, will start to meet your eyes in the waiting room– maybe even say hello and good morning and just maybe a smile.

It seems like a small goal, but for kids like Lilly, this is life changing. She - and her family - can find hope.

Your gift helps us care for kids who are facing extremely complex mental health challenges. Kids who are struggling right now, yet who are capable of living satisfying lives in spite of their diagnosis. Kids and families living anywhere in Waterloo Region.

To be able to help Lilly and kids like her in the months ahead, Lutherwood must raise more than $100,000 by Dec 31st, 2018. Please will you help?

Your gift can open this door of healing for Lilly, and others like her. Her life will be transformed through your gift!

Because of your giving, Lilly and kids like her will find healing. Because of your gifts, kids in our region will know there is always help there when they need it. Thank you for caring so deeply for youth and families in our community, and for giving back so generously.

Together, we can change life for kids like Lilly!

Yours sincerely,
Donna Buchan
Executive Director, Lutherwood Foundation

P.S. Your support is welcomed at any level. Every gift matters in the life of a child, and timing is critical!

*Her name has been changed & a stock photo used to protect her privacy. But her name means “ladybug” in her parent’s language.

Yes, I want to help Lilly!

Thank you for changing Lilly's life and helping others like her!