The Kids are not Alright.
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The Kids are not Alright.

You didn’t see this coming, your 13 year old daughter used to be such a happy child, full of laughter and excitement. But lately, she’s so withdrawn, quick to anger and sad.

You find yourself wondering, is this just adolescence, is it the pandemic, is it school, is she missing not spending enough time with her friends, or is it something else altogether? Is her mental health suffering?

“I wish I could explain it…this is when life is supposed to be happening, and it is all just passing me by” -Sera, age 13

There are many stories like Sera’s, and many ways kids struggle with their mental health. Mental health can affect anyone, and often affects more than just the individual person. Families and community wellbeing also feel the ripple effects and can be greatly impacted.

The pandemic we have all been living in is far from over, and it will be years before its impact will be fully understood.

Demand for Lutherwood’s services has never been higher, and we need your help.

Referred to as the COVID generation, today’s children and youth will have the pandemic as part of their life story, no one has experienced anything quite like this before. These kids are grieving the loss of their social interactions and are fearful of changes in their education and life opportunities. Many are experiencing mixed emotions of anger, isolation, fear, anxiety, and a lack of control over their future.

Imagine how all of this feels for kids with preexisting mental health concerns?

The kids are not alright.


Lutherwood’s services and programs are rooted in empathy and compassion, delivered by people – this is human powered care that meets kids where they are and how they need to be met. We are responding in real time to the mental health needs of the young people in our community with current, reliable, and essential care.

Fundraised dollars enable Lutherwood to plan for and deliver even broader programming. For example, specialized therapies like music and recreation, that reduce stress, build resilience, and bring kids who are struggling a sense of calm are all fueled by fundraised dollars. we would be able to reach even more kids.

  • $1000 gives a youth facing homelessness a week of safety and care at Safe Haven
  • $500 supports a week of healthy lunches for the kids aged 6 -18 in our day treatment program
  • $100 provides an afternoon of programmed recreation for a youth in our live-in treatment program

Every dollar that we raise is felt directly by each child that we serve, and in turn by the community that we all share.

Your gift of financial support helps kids who are struggling thrive, it shows families like Sera’s that they are not alone. It lets kids who are at risk of homelessness know that people are there for them, you are showing up for them at a time when they are scared and feel alone.
We ask you to please join us with a gift by making an investment not only in children, but in the wellbeing of our community.

You can give the gift of hope, connection, and healing in a time of crisis and uncertainty.

The suggested gifts below are examples of your donation's impact.