Amy's Story
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Amy's Story

Amy From Safe Haven

Yes, I want to help kids now!

“It’s like I’m invisible,” said Amy*, 14 years old. “My step-dad kicked me out after my mom died. I’ve been sleeping on peoples couches for 5 months. I have major anxiety and I feel like nobody even cares that I’m homeless.”

The risks to a kid like Amy are HUGE. Strangers offering ‘protection’, human trafficking, couch surfing with friends (or friends of friends), unknown substances promising to take away the sadness and the pain, perhaps suffering physical violence and emotional abuse. It’s a destructive path to take. 

But where in Kitchener do you go when your family isn’t an option? 

Betty Thompson Youth Centre
Safe Haven Youth Shelter, 41 Weber St., Kitchener, ON

You come to Safe Haven Youth Shelter. Open 24/7 for kids as young as 12 years up to 18 years old, we never turn a child away.        

And I’m Art, the guy who answers the door most nights. I’ve been working the nightshift at Lutherwood for 16 years, I’ve seen it all. Most of these kids struggle with mental health, and they will get support from staff trained in youth mental health so they can stay safe and off the street.  

The thing is, Safe Haven Shelter’s strategy of giving kids like Amy excellent mental health support really works! And I can tell you, I’ve seen it for myself. 

Tonight a kid like Amy will ring the bell of the Safe Haven Youth Shelter in Kitchener, alone and in desperate need.  Please will you give and help keep her safe?  

It costs $100 a bed for a night, $50 is 3 days of home cooked meals. 

Your generosity is a lifeline of safety, help and hope for kids like Amy. And every bit helps! Thank you!

Art Thomas
Child and Youth Worker, Safe Haven Youth Shelter

PS. Your donation will alter the future of kids like Amy. Make your donation by December 31st to help kids stay off the street, find a home and a future!

  • A gift of $50 provides home cooked meals for 3 days for a child at Safe Haven.
  • A gift of $75 gives a child an hour of mental health support and life skills. 
  • A gift of $100 provides a bed for one night.

Please, take a moment and donate – because every kid needs champion like you.

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