Financial Accountability
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Financial Accountability

You never know when unfortunate circumstances may affect you or the people you love. But if it does, we all hope that there will be someone to offer compassion and support. Lutherwood has a 45 year legacy of service in our community helping:

  • Young teens with very significant social, emotional or behavioural problems
  • Homeless youth that need shelter and security from living on the streets
  • Parents requiring a safe neutral environment to have access to their children
  • Youth and adults who are facing the challenges of securing employment

Every year we support more than 15,500 individuals. We help strengthen their lives and give them hope for their future. Since the money to serve them is not fully provided by our government partners, we need to raise additional funds. With your help we can make sure that these children and families are supported to achieve hopeful and productive futures. An investment today can result in considerable savings for our community tomorrow.

Your Money at Work (2018-2019)

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