What is an Accomplishment Statement?
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What is an Accomplishment Statement?

Employers receive hundreds of resumes for only one job posting.  How can you get an employer’s attention with your resume?  An accomplishment statement allows you to describe your skills and experience and show how you can help future employers.  You do this by providing examples of your past accomplishments and achievements in the workplace.

Compare these two statements:

1. Responsible for sales team 

2. Developed a 4-person sales team, increasing sales by 32% within a 3-month period

Which statement gets your attention more? You can add accomplishment statements in almost every section of your resume.

To create your accomplishment statements, ask yourself these questions:

Did I:

  • Save time or money?
  • Improve sales?
  • Cut costs?
  • Receive awards, compliments or promotions?
  • Create, improve, change, or recognize any procedures or systems?
  • Make work easier?
  • Solve a specific problem?
  • Supervise or train staff?
  • Never/rarely miss work?
  • Meet goals/timelines?

How to use accomplishment statements in your resume:

  • Identify the top 5 skills needed in the job you are applying for.
  • Explain your achievements and accomplishments as they relate to the skills required for the position.
  • Use the Situation-Action-Result approach (SAR) to explain what the situation was, the actions that you took and what the result was.
  • Use symbols like #, % and $ in your sentences to catch your reader’s eye.
  • Use numbers to draw attention to your abilities i.e. 30 staff

Accomplishment Statement Examples

Before:Experienced working in a large company
After:3+ years’ administrative experience in a 500+ employee, $25 million manufacturing company.
Before:Experience working as a customer service representative
After:Answered 75 calls per day; provided product information to customers; researched and resolved customer service issues
Before:Managed office, bookkeeping and all billings
After:Managed a clinic supporting a staff of 4 doctors, 60 patients per day, generating $1.2 million in annual billings
BeforeVarious accounting duties
AfterMaintained more than 500 A/R & A/P accounts; prepared all financial statements with annual revenues of $100+ million
BeforeExperienced hairstylist
After5+ years’ experience as a Hairstylist; maintained a steady clientele of 300 for the past 2 years
BeforeShipping, receiving, loading, and forklift
AfterAccident-free operation of forklift for 2 years; 3+ years shipping & receiving experience in 3 departments
BeforeManager of store for 2 years
After2 years’ retail management experience including operations, budgeting, merchandising, customer service, purchasing & inventory control
BeforeExperienced Property Manager
After11+ years’ experience in property management with an annual budget of $9M; managed and directed a staff of 17 personnel and 12 contractors
BeforeConstruction Worker for different jobs
After3 years as a Construction Worker for residential homes; highly skilled in roofing, framing & reading blueprints