What is a Combination Resume?
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What is a Combination Resume?

A combination resume is a resume that combines the best parts of the chronological and functional resume styles.  A chronological resume focuses on when and where you worked while a functional resume focuses on your skills and accomplishments.

You should use a combination resume to draw attention to the skills and accomplishments that are most important to the job to which you are now applying. 

You may want to use a combination resume if:

  • You are changing careers.  You can use a combination resume to help get employers to focus more on your skills and achievements and less on your previous job titles.
  • You have done the same type of work for a number of different employers.  This style will prevent the resume from sounding too repetitive.
  • You are a recent graduate or looking for an entry level job.  A combination resume allows you focus on your skills and achievements gained through activities like volunteering and school.

Sections on a Combination Resume

  • Objective or Job Title
  • Profile or Summary Section
  • Skill Headings Section
  • Employment Experience Section
  • Volunteer Experience Section
  • Education & Training Section

Combination Resume Tips:

  • Use the Profile/Summary section to draw attention to your most relevant skills, experience and education.
  • Group similar skills together under one skill heading, for example “Customer Service”.
  • Under each skill heading create a short list of specific accomplishments.
  • You can use the general term “experience” rather than “Employment” if you want to add relevant unpaid volunteering experience or school placements.
  • Employers prefer to see dates on your resume even if there is some time in between.