What is a Chronological Resume?
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What is a Chronological Resume?

A chronological resume lets an employer quickly review your skills and experience gained through work experience.  This is the most common type of resume in use.  It is also the resume type that most employers prefer.

With a chronological resume, you list your most recent work experience first.  Under each job there is a detailed description of your accomplishments.

You may want to use a chronological resume if:

  • You are applying for a job that you have a lot of experience doing.
  • You have been employed over the past 5 or more years with no long periods of unemployment.
  • You want to emphasize your current or most recent job.

Sections on a Chronological Resume

Profile or Summary of Skills Section

  • List your most relevant skills, education and experience for the position.

Employment History Section

  • List your work experience starting with your current job or your most recent job.
  • Include your position title, the company name, city, province and dates of employment
  • Describe your relevant experience and accomplishments under each job
  • Use verbs to help describe your skills and accomplishments.
  • Only include the past 10 to 15 years of your work experience.

Education & Training Section

  • Generally comes after the Employment History section.
  • Include any courses, certifications and training that relate to the position.
  • You can list courses that you are currently taking as well as education that is completed.

Volunteer Experience

  • Include your volunteer experience if it is relevant to the job.
  • Include your position, title, the company name, city, province and dates of employment.
  • Be sure to explain how your volunteer experience is relevant by describing the skills you use in the position.