New Graduate Resumes
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New Graduate Resumes

You have just graduated from a college or university and are looking for a job. Employers are often looking for candidates with experience, so what can you do?

In preparing your resume, you need to convince an employer that you can do the job. To do this, highlight the experience and transferable skills that you have gained through education, internships, co-op placements, previous work and volunteering activities. You can also include awards, scholarships and your grades, if they were high.

Research the occupation and industry so that you can include words specific to the job, because employers are often scanning resumes looking for these keywords.

Resume Strategies

  • Before writing your resume, research the occupation and industry, including reading over current job postings. This will give you an understanding of the required skills, education, keywords and business vocabulary.
  • Prepare more than one resume if you are looking for different jobs. You need to target each resume to the job to demonstrate to the employer that you both understand and can meet their needs
  • Place the "Education" section before "Work Experience" if you lace related work experience but have recently completed relevant education.
  • Under "Education", you may want to emphasize grades, relevant courses, special projects, assignments, theses, major research projects, awards and scholarships
  • use Functional Resume if you lace related work experience and emphasize skills that would be valuable to an employer
  • Use a "Related Experience" heading to list internships, co-op placements, volunteer and work experience
  • While your previous job titles may not be directly related to your target position, there may be relevant accomplishments and duties that you can highlight
  • If you are moving, list your present and/or permanent address, if different
  • If you have completed post-secondary education, it is not necessary to list your high school unless you feel that it would be helpful to presenting your experience
  • Create a new professional e-mail account that is not a school account. Use this account for job search only, to help keep you organized.