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Connecting with your future career.

As a mentee, you will be assisted by Lutherwood's Mentorship Program staff who will match you with a suitable mentor based on your industry, professional background, skills and goals. Your mentor will share his/her experiences working in your shared field of expertise, evaluate your resume and interview skills, inform you of credentials that you might need, and connect you with other professionals. The frequency and duration of meetings as well as the preferred method of communication is mutually agreed upon by the mentee and mentor. Lutherwood’s Mentorship Program staff will provide ongoing support throughout the match as needed.


Benefits of Mentorship for Internationally Trained Professionals (ITPs):

  • Increased self-knowledge and awareness
  • Connect with Canada's hidden job market
  • Obtain strategic tools for ongoing career development and success
  • Enhance communication skills
  • Develop professional etiquette
  • Identify talents needed in the Canadian workplace
  • Build your network for career success

To become a Mentee, you must...

  • Complete the Job Search Workshop
  • Be a landed immigrant with Permanent Resident or Convention Refugee status
  • Have proof of status: Landing Document, Permanent Resident Card, or Notice of Decision
  • Currently live in Guelph - Wellington
  • Be proficient in English - CLB Level 5 or higher

Additional suitability requirements may apply.