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Lutherwood offers information individually and in a workshop setting to people looking to learn about available apprenticeship opportunities and programs.

Our experienced staff can help you learn about:

  • Apprenticeable occupations
  • Apprenticeship process and how to get started
  • Apprenticeship requirements
  • Role of the Ontario College of Trades
  • Education and training options
  • Scholarships, bursaries and tax credits for apprentices
  • Incentives for employers for hiring apprentices
  • Skills needed for success
  • Answers to common questions
Clac Foundation

Lutherwood and CLAC Partnership

In partnership with the CLAC Foundation, Lutherwood is now able to offer pre-apprenticeship training tuition funding and other training opportunities for individuals looking for work in the skilled trades, who could not otherwise afford the costs of training.

Pre-Apprenticeship Training Tuition Funding Aids in the enrollment, tuition and transportation costs for clients who meet eligibility criteria.

Visit the location near you and speak to our experienced staff to get more information about apprenticeship or to see if you are eligible for Lutherwood's pre-apprenticeship training tuition funding.