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Second Career Series: Deciding your interests

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I Stock 877026362

In this four-part series we will be talking about Second Career, skills training and financial support to continue your education and make a career switch.

The first step to take when considering Second Career, is to figure out your interests and what type of school programs or potential careers you may be interested in. Career Key and Career Cruising are great tools to help you understand more about yourself, and what options are out there that you may have never thought of. Check our recent blog on Free Job Search and Education Tools to help give you more ideas and basic skills employers may look for.

Talk to friends and family about where they could see you in the job market. They know you best, where do they see your passion shine through, or where can they see you thriving? They may lead you to a career path you’ve never thought of. They can also help connect you with individuals with more information about those job fields.

Make connections through sites like LinkedIn, or through mentoring programs to get introductions to employers who can help you learn more about fields that interest you.

Volunteering is another great way to make connections and test the waters of a job, while at the same time building references and experience for your future job search. Volunteer opportunities can even sometimes lead to a paying job with the company down the road.

Become familiar with the National Occupation Classification (NOC) and the NOC code of the career paths you’re interested in to make sure they will fit Second Career guidelines. Second Career will cover NOC B and NOC C training, which are usually courses that can be obtained in less than 2 years through a recognized post-secondary training provider.

Finally, there are government funded programs and options that we may be able to help you connect to. Come in to a Lutherwood Employment office for a Second Career program screening, and we can help you to decide whether Second Career is the right option for you!

Join us this Tuesday February 11th in the Guelph Office and Kitchener Office for a Second Career Information Session! Click the links to your nearer location for more details.

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