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Positive Attitude Brings Success!

by Maria Lambour

Maintaining a positive attitude while job searching can help you stay focused and motivated during a challenging time. If you are calling an employer, writing a cover letter or going to an interview, this positive attitude can make a difference.

While you cannot control the labour market or employer decisions, what you can control is your attitude. Employers are looking for someone positive and confident. A positive attitude will come across in your interviews and networking opportunities, increasing your chances to make a strong first impression. It will also help you stay motivated and see opportunities that cross your way.

There are many ways that can help you maintain an upbeat and optimistic attitude when job hunting. Create a job search routine. Treat job searching like a job and set up daily schedules to job search. Dedicate around 6 hours to your job search needs. Make sure to use those times for job searching activities and keep the rest of your time to relax and do other activities you enjoy that take your mind off job searching.

Create specific and realistic goals. Set daily goals such as creating a resume, writing two cover letters or applying to five jobs. Creating achievable short term goals will help you feel more accomplished and focused.

Look for support. Approach people you can use as a network and those who can encourage you to stay focused. These individuals can become your cheering squad when your energy is low.

Notice and celebrate your accomplishments. Focus on the positive outcomes and the small victories. Be proud of yourself if you accomplished your daily goals, pat yourself on the back if you got an interview or if you found a job posting you really like. Take time to acknowledge the hard work and great effort you are putting into this journey.

Worry less. Worry drains our energy and can lead to lost time. Although there are always lots of things to worry about, it’s important to maintain perspective and ensure that the worrying doesn’t take over productivity. Do not miss out on opportunities by losing focus.

Focus on your positives. Make a list of your skills, accomplishments and qualities. Use them to market yourself but also to remind yourself of what makes you the strong and unique person you are. Keep your list where you can see it and review it regularly. This will help you maintain your confidence in this process.

Remember, job searching takes time and effort. It is a process that will take you where you want so tackle it with determination and a positive attitude. If you are job searching and would like some support, we welcome you visit one of our offices to discuss your goals with an Employment Advisor.