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You Can Fight Job Search Fatigue

by Laura Hatton

Job hunting is hard work and can take a long time. After a while, job search fatigue can set in and you might wonder if you’ll ever find a job. While it might be tempting to take time off from your job search, it is not a good idea as you might miss job opportunities, lose your momentum and find it difficult to “get back to it”.

So, how can you prevent job search fatigue?

• Have a job search buddy or group. Find a friend, former colleague or family member, or community program and get together with them to discuss your job search, write resumes and cover letters or share job leads. Being with other people who are in the same boat as you, can be a great support system.

• Set dedicated time aside for job search as well as recreational activities. A daily schedule can help you stay on track and provide focus. Knowing you have time set aside for job searching allows you to enjoy a nice walk or time with friends without feeling like you should be job searching. Having and sticking to a schedule will allow you to be productive in your job search and still fit in activities that keep you refreshed and motivated.

• To maintain motivation and improve your chances of success, find a job coach or advisor. Having someone to help you strategize, improve your resume, prepare for interviews, and brainstorm new ideas can help you look toward a positive future and feel enthusiastic about your job search.

• Take care of yourself while you’re looking for work; recognize your accomplishments and reward yourself for a hard day’s work. Set a goal, such as sending out ten well-written cover letters and targeted resumes and when you reach it, reward yourself with a treat like a favourite food or a break to watch TV—or both. You deserve it!

If the stress and anxiety of job searching starts to overwhelm you, we offer several kinds of support that can help you to cope. Talking to someone about your concerns can make a big difference and many people find it helps them to organize their thoughts and develop strategies to manage stress.

Looking for a job is hard work and can be time-consuming. Remember to give yourself time for other activities, celebrate successes and to find support.