Lutherwood Child and Family Foundation thanks you, our donors and supporters for helping us to build a community where everyone experiences mental wellness, financial stability and a safe place to live.

Where The Money Goes Chart

We are deeply grateful for:

  • 1,186 friends who donated 2,645 gifts
  • Over 300 Steps for Kids participants and sponsors that raised more than $100,000
  • Social media driven donations including Facebook birthday fundraisers that raised over $2,700
  • The Darcy Beskau Educational Fund for $6,500 to help children and youth achieve educational success
  • Friends who have included Lutherwood in their estate planning to help those in need well into the future
  • Community-led event committees including the Dennis Strassburger Memorial Golf Tournament, Westmount Oktoberfest Pro-Am, Home Depot Orange Door Project and Hockey Helps the Homeless who continued their support during a pandemic
  • Community members who donated shares and securities
  • Third party events hosted by friends of Lutherwood
  • Gifts made in memory and honour of special friends
  • Organizations that supported our work and COVID-19 expenses
  • Committed staff who give 110% to strengthen lives in our community