In search of employment and a new place to live, Donna found herself in a difficult situation. “I was making unorganized and haphazard decisions while I was looking for jobs because I didn’t have any career goals; the random jobs I took on out of desperation continually led nowhere,” Donna recalled.

Her journey with Lutherwood started in Housing Services. Donna needed immediate help securing housing and when she mentioned her employment struggles, her housing advisor suggested Lutherwood’s Employment Services. “I walked right over, not hoping for much as I thought it was a typical job agency, but fortunately that was not the case.”

Initially enrolled in the Youth Job Connection program, a two-week series of workshops that helped her prepare to enter the workforce, she landed a job in customer service. But she knew this was not her forever job. After a year in the role and with more confidence in herself, Donna resigned to pursue her dream of becoming a registered nurse.

“I approached Lutherwood again and they welcomed me with open arms - no one judged me, they were ready to help.” Donna felt she could open up about her challenges and future because she knew her employment advisor cared. Her advisor gave her the direction and emotional support she needed to work towards her personal and career goals. This time, she enrolled in Second Career – a retraining program that helps unemployed individuals enroll in academic institutions to be trained in high-demand, skilled occupations.

Today, having finished her first year in the Bachelor of Science - Nursing program at Conestoga College through the McMaster University stream, Donna concludes “Lutherwood is a dynamic place of growth and learning – it is impossible for you to leave with only a job. If you’re worried about your career or future, you don’t need to suffer in silence. I cannot think of a better place to get yourself back on your feet.”