Lutherwood (2019/20) Revenue:

Ministry of Community & Social Services & Ministry of Children & Youth Services $5,862,329
Ministry of Children & Youth Services $2,084,222
Ministry of Advanced Education & Skills Development
Service Canada $60,842
Regional Municipality of Waterloo $5,818,958
Ministry of Health & Long Term Care$1,322,798
Ministry of the Attorney General $337,755
Seniors' Services $8,661,099
Lutherwood Child & Family Foundation $1,884,749
Fee for Service $2,765,889
Amortization of Deferred Contributions
Miscellaneous $600,166
Contribution Revenue**$5,288,533
Total Revenue:

Lutherwood (2019/20) Expenditures:

Salaries & Benefits$21,987,088
Cost of Goods/Services$559,074
Participant Costs$1,643,139
Staff Development$151,546
Building Occupancy$3,815,794
Purchased Services$2,406,769
Program Expenses$1,645,889
Professional Services$194,046
Advertising & Promotion$67,536
Office Expenses$604,204
Amortization of Capital Assets$366,444
Contribution Expense**$4,696,060
Total Expenses:$38,451,384
Net Operating Results 2019/20$2,109,088

Lutherwood Child & Family Foundation (2019) (includes Luther Village on the Park)


Property Investment Revenue
Seniors Operations Revenue
Donations & Special Events$1,287,614
Interest Income$292,802
Contribution from Asset Transfer$4,400,440
Total Revenue:$12,873,950


Grants to Lutherwood
Property Related Expenses
Salaries and Benefits$1,338,372
Purchased & Professional Services$1,001,780
Program Related Costs$185,404
Advertising and Public Relations$70,691
Other Expenses$93,686
Total Expenses:$8,140,705
Net Operating Results December 2019$4,733,245