Lutherwood (2018/19) Revenue:

Ministry of Community & Social Services & Ministry of Children & Youth Services $5,638,570
Ministry of Children & Youth Services $2,086,135
Ministry of Training, Colleges & Universities$5,175,024
Service Canada $30,328
Regional Municipality of Waterloo $5,222,445
Ministry of Health & Long Term Care$1,301,598
Ministry of the Attorney General $339,368
Seniors' Services $8,504,280
Lutherwood Child & Family Foundation $1,548,895
Fee for Service $2,403,163
Amortization of Deferred Contributions
Miscellaneous $6,886,180
Total Revenue:

Lutherwood (2018/19) Expenditures:

Salaries & Benefits$20,091,855
Cost of Goods/Services$582,814
Participant Costs$2,003,333
Staff Development$209,092
Building Occupancy$2,351,583
Purchased Services$2,353,636
Program Expenses$1,607,033
Professional Services$203,183
Advertising & Promotion$94,977
Office Expenses$679,253
Amortization of Capital Assets$1,278,444
Total Expenses:$37,553,973
Net Operating Results 2018/19$2,109,088

Lutherwood Child & Family Foundation (2018) (includes Luther Village on the Park)


Property Investment Revenue
Seniors Operations Revenue
Donations & Special Events$1,066,284
Interest Income$250,886
Total Revenue:$8,131,162


Grants to Lutherwood
Property Related Expenses
Salaries and Benefits$1,332,461
Purchased & Professional Services$760,914
Program Related Costs$165,401
Advertising and Public Relations$73,492
Other Expenses$82,693
Total Expenses:$5,541,901
Net Operating Results December 2018$2,589,261