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"It's rewarding to work for an organization that makes a difference in the lives of so many people. Lutherwood inspires important life skills - respect, reliability, team work and honesty - whilst really caring about the individuals who are facing many difficulties and challenges. I've had the opportunity to work at various Lutherwood sites and they are all filled with kind, client-centered staff, which makes me feel really proud about where I work. I appreciate the support and encouragement that I've experienced from co-workers and supervisors throughout my time at Lutherwood." — Esther Cotterell, Administrative Assistant
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"Our work is rewarding. To be able to witness my co-workers at Lutherwood strengthen lives all around us, every day is truly inspirational beyond what any words could describe. The values of Lutherwood are evident in all of us who work here and are exactly what it takes to be an instrument of support in our community. When I come to work each day, I am motivated to go above and beyond, to care, to support, to inspire as I am inspired through every story, every family, every client and every co-worker." — Scott Van Trigt, Child and Youth Counsellor III
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"I have seen many changes throughout my 15+ years working at Lutherwood. I started in the 2.5 person Human Resources department, then for a time in the CEO's Office - a chance to broaden my skills and knowledge. Similarly, I have seen many others accept opportunities to grow and develop within different service areas. Our workplace culture is unique. It supports our staff and has an impact on their work with our clients. I especially enjoy seeing the many familiar faces at events like our annual Steps for Kids." — Susanne Kurt, Human Resources Assistant
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"As an Employment Advisor in the Job Search Workshop Program for Newcomers, I am fortunate to meet people from all walks of life. Talented, hard-working people who offer valuable skills to our society. I relate to the experience of how hard beginning in a new country can be and securing meaningful employment is an essential factor in integration. I feel privileged to be part of this program at Lutherwood and I am grateful for the lessons of courage, resilience and hope that I learn from the stories shared." — Yorlenis Proenza, Employment Advisor
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"In the short time that I have worked for Lutherwood I feel that I have grown exponentially as a worker. I have the privilege of working with a team that challenges me to strive to do and be better every day. This growth would not be possible without Lutherwood's dedication to creating a supportive environment that results in the security for staff to take risks and be creative. I can't fully express how appreciative I am for this support and how integral it is to the work that I do." — Dana Christian, Housing Liaison Worker
"As a Child and Youth Counsellor at Lutherwood, I feel like I am part of a strong community of people who genuinely care about improving the lives of others. I am truly inspired by the strength I see in the youth who come to us, and I feel honoured, proud, and amazed to work alongside these clients and my coworkers to make positive changes in their lives. I believe that the agency shows compassion toward its employees, empowering them to strive to provide the best services possible." — Chantalle Turgott, Child and Youth Counsellor I