Ministry of Community & Social Services & Ministry of Children & Youth Services $5,812,817 
Ministry of Children & Youth Services $2,086,912
Ministry of Advanced Education & Skills Development$6,126,004 
Service Canada $135,042 
Regional Municipality of Waterloo $2,939,412 
Ministry of Health & Long Term Care$1,280,166 
Ministry of the Attorney General $337,755 
Seniors' Services $7,285,871 
Lutherwood Child & Family Foundation $1,056,010 
Fee for Service $1,687,346 
Amortization of Deferred Contributions 
Miscellaneous $568,644 
Luther Village on the Park (managed by Lutherwood) $3,144,476*
Total Revenue$32,949,737


Salaries & Benefits$17,376,344
Cost of goods/services$492,668
Participant Costs$2,684,780
Staff Development$187,031
Building Occupancy$2,065,550
Purchased Services$1,990,940
Program Expenses$1,370,663
Professional Services$190,830
Advertising & Promotion$128,439
Office Expenses$798,601
Amortization of Capital Assets$1,279,109
Luther Village on the Park (managed by Lutherwood)$3,146,277 *
Total Expenses:$32,690,706
Net Operating Results 2016/17$259,031