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What to Bring to a Rental Viewing

Welcome To 24
Welcome To 24

You found an apartment that you want to view, what now? Consider the information below before your next viewing:

  1. Proof of all sources of income, include CCTB (Canada Child Tax Benefit)
  2. Identification—Photo ID is preferred by most landlords
  3. Landlord Reference

Create a “Rental Application Information Package” with 5-10 copies of each of the 3 items listed above to hand out to landlords with your completed rental application. Bring a package to each viewing.

In addition, you can also bring:

  • A pen to complete applications
  • A co-signer if needed
  • A callback number where you can be reached
  • An Intent to Rent/Rental Promissory Note for the landlord to complete should they decide to rent to you during the viewing
  • A positive reason for which you are looking to secure new housing i.e.: my last place was overcrowded, I was staying with family or friends and it was time to get my own place, etc.
  • A positive attitude
  • A person to accompany you who can act as a positive reference
  • Contact info of your Housing Support, OW, and/or ODSP worker
  • A plan for paying first and last month’s rent
  • Postdated cheques

Avoid bringing:

  • Too much personal information about yourself, such as details of your credit history, stories of negative housing experiences, or current life struggles
  • Young children, if it can be avoided
  • Cigarettes, smoking/vaping paraphernalia, or clothing that smells of tobacco/marijuana
  • Evidence of pets such as pet hair or pet odours
  • People who may not make a good impression or who may have jeopardized your housing in the past

If you have any questions, please give us a call at 519-749-2450.

"Watching a family access shelter and continuously being denied on their housing rental applications is difficult. However, the look on their faces and the joy they share upon securing housing is an amazing feeling. I am grateful to be part of a team that supports at-risk families."