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Keeping Up with Video Conferencing Options

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Video Conference 5964262 1920

The past year has seen a huge shift in recruiting and hiring processes for companies. The COVID-19 pandemic has meant that face-to-face interviews, orientations, and even training sessions are being moved into the virtual space.

Luckily, most video conferencing options are very accessible, user-friendly, and best of all, free. Here are three popular online video calling platforms that might be beneficial to learn as a job seeker.

Zoom: Zoom has become one of the most popular options for connecting over video chat. Schools, business, and individuals have been using Zoom to connect with others and it has quickly become the default video conferencing option for many.

Zoom has a free account option which allows you to use their software free of charge, for meetings up to 40 minutes in length. Zoom is very simple to use, and they have Zoom video tutorials to help you get started.

Microsoft Teams and Google Meet are two other popular options. These options are typically most accessible if you have an account with Outlook or Gmail, however each option allows for video calls without registration or download – simply click the link sent to you in your email! Scheduled meetings in these programs can be synced to your Google or Microsoft calendar as well, making it easy to keep track of.

It's important to keep on top of video conferencing options when job seeking in today's world. Doing some research ahead of time and getting to know the program will help things to go smoothly when you do meet with an employer over video chat.

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