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A Sweet Way to Give Back

Stew Munch Box
Stew Munch Box

When Kyle "Stew" Stewart was a student in one of Lutherwood’s Day Treatment programs, he didn’t immediately realize the impact it would have on his life.

Flash forward several years, and Stew is an entrepreneur who opened his own business in Kitchener this past December.

"Like so many others, I was struggling to find work during the pandemic," Stew reflected. "So, I used my background in hospitality and business to open a grab and go snack and meal business."

From the beginning, Stew knew The Munch Box would have a strong focus on giving back, so as Bell Let’s Talk Day approached on January 28th, he decided to donate a portion of donut sales for the day to the Lutherwood Foundation.

"I didn’t notice it at the time, but Lutherwood was an instrumental part of my development growing up, so they were the obvious first choice for me to give back to."

Not only did Stew sell 254 boxes of donuts that day alone, he has donated over $2,700 to the Lutherwood Foundation since, with a promise to continue to donate 2% of all Munch Box sales going forward.

"I am so grateful for the overwhelming response from the community, but the exposure this has brought my business is only secondary to me," said Stew. "Being able to give back to Lutherwood is so important, and seeing people come into my store and open up to me about their mental health struggles and trust me enough to have those tough conversations with me has been more fulfilling than anything else."

You can support Stew and his business (and the Lutherwood Foundation) by visiting The Munch Box in Belmont Village, Kitchener.

"Change does not come easily or immediately for our youth. But there is nothing more gratifying than to see them months and years later and hear the positive impact we had on their lives."