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Second Career Series: Researching and Applying for School

Canva Smiling Woman Looking Using Macbook Sitting Near Table
Canva Smiling Woman Looking Using Macbook Sitting Near Table

Now that you’ve Figured out your Job Interests and Researched the Demand for that job, your next step is researching programs and applying for school!

The Process for Second Career requires that you research at least one Community College, a Recognized Private College, and a third college of your choice. Each of the 3 schools and programs can be located anywhere in Ontario, as Second Career can offer support with living away from home expenses for the duration of your training.

Colleges Generate Statistics that can help you determine whether their program is a good fit for you. You can research the answers to questions such as “How many people find work in their field of study after graduating?” The higher the number, the more reputable the program is. You can also look on the LinkedIn profile pages of training providers to help you identify some prospective sources of employment after graduating.

Ask for Feedback about the program you’re interested in applying to. You can go directly to the source and talk to employers who may offer you suggestions about which institutions’ programs are more reputable in their opinions, or which ones might look better on a resume.

Read Online Reviews. If past or present students have had very positive or very negative experiences within a certain program, they’ve probably shared it publicly somewhere. Look into reviews that may populate through Google searches.

Look into Individual Courses in each Program. Short-term courses may be more appealing since they would let you graduate faster, but be sure to compare each outline/curriculum to see if one school is spending more time in some areas that may be more appropriate to your future competitiveness in the labour market. Don’t cut your training short if you think that spending more time learning about certain areas will be better for your long-term confidence and resume strength after you’ve graduated.

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