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Read our 2020 Community Report: 50 Years of Resilience

on August 5, 2020
Community Report Cover Image
Community Report Cover Image
Click here to read our 2020 Community Report

Dear Friends of Lutherwood:

Our 2020 Community Report is now available to read online.

The theme chosen for this year is “50 Years of Resilience.” When we chose this theme we had no idea how important being resilient and adaptable would be this year. Our mission and values which emphasize service to the community above all else have seen us through 50 years. So to all of you, the people who trust us to be part of their lives, sometimes in their most difficult days, the staff who never stop believing, Board members who guide and challenge us and funders and donors who support us, thank you. Together, we have built a legacy for our community by honouring our past, strengthening our present and building a strong foundation for the future. For this, we offer all of you our most heartfelt appreciation.

All the best and stay safe,

John Colangeli
CEO, Lutherwood

To request a physical version of Lutherwood's community report, please contact us.

"I focus on children and youth because they don't have the experience to cope with life's challenges that the rest of us do. They are our future, and I think it is important that we support them to keep their hopes and dreams alive."