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Anti-Racism Statement

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As a community agency delivering mental health, employment and housing services, Lutherwood acknowledges Canada’s history of systemic racism and the need for structural and institutional change.

We are committed to the work of anti-racism and are learning about anti-Black racism, anti-Indigenous racism and how White privilege and superiority are impacting the people and communities we serve. We recognize that as an organization we have a lot of work to do to begin the journey of becoming authentic allies. We have, therefore, brought in support and expertise to implement mandatory anti-racism and anti-oppression training for all staff and to complete an organization assessment to identify and understand the gaps that must be addressed. And, we have created a new Equity Leader role to ensure our work in anti-racism remains a top priority and to address the gaps identified.

We must continue to have uncomfortable conversations to help dismantle the systemic racial barriers that for generations have blocked social and economic progress for Black and Indigenous peoples. We know that the first step towards change is to speak up, so we want to be very clear: Black Lives Matter to Lutherwood and we commit to no longer being silent or neutral as we move towards tangible action and change.

Dr. John Colangeli

Chief Executive Officer


"I was different and bullied at school. When I came to Lutherwood, I didn’t want to stay. But I learned skills to help me manage situations and my emotions. When it was time to go home, I didn’t want to leave."