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Five Tips to Make your Personal Business Card Pop

Business Card 2056020 1920
Business Card 2056020 1920

As a job seeker, promoting yourself and your personal brand is your temporary business. Business cards can be an important and valuable tool not only for building a business, but also for growing your personal brand. Here are a few tips to help your brand get recognized or shared with others to aid in your career progression.

1) Include the basics such as your name, phone number, email, or other contact information on your card. Additionally, you may want to include other features such as the URL to your online resume or portfolio, website, and/or LinkedIn profile.

2) Make it easy to read. Select an appropriate font size and colour, and don’t go below size 10. It might also help your business cards to stand out if you carry them in a protected case, so they stay clean and crisp.

3) Find a tagline. Instead of having a job title on your card that may be limiting, think of a highlight to focus your interest or skills. A short quote from one of your references, or something with job/skill keywords is ideal.

4) Add a graphic. Whether you choose a professional headshot or an image of something important to you and your work, this is a great way to make your card stand out. Just make sure the image is good quality and doesn’t tamper with the legibility of your card text.

5) Keep it Simple. Including too many words or graphics can be overwhelming. Use both sides of the card if needed, or you can leave the back open so that there is room for potential employers to make notes about where they met you or what stood out about you.

Although business cards won’t replace the importance of a targeted resume, they may be an important step to helping you find your next career. Having them on hand at all times may come in handy. You never know who you’ll run into when you’re hitting the pavement to look for work, or even running an errand.

Need more help? There are lots of free samples online, or in Microsoft Word templates to get you started. However if you’re looking for help in designing a business or networking card, visit one of our Lutherwood Employment Services Resource Centers for more support and information. Our staff can assist you in designing and reviewing the information on your card, and can offer free printing to support your job search and career planning.

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