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New Lead Role in Housing Stability System

on April 4, 2018
Keys To New Home
Keys To New Home

The Region of Waterloo is receiving provincial funding to help end chronic homelessness by the year 2025. The funding supports the Region’s new Housing Stability System which is based on the principle that people must have their housing needs met before they can focus on other needs such as employment or mental health. 

The Region selected Lutherwood to lead two new teams to support this new approach. According to a Region of Waterloo news release, “the new approach will see people who have not had housing for at least six months in the past year more easily get through the steps needed to access housing and support. Two new teams of workers will help along the way. The first team will help people find the right housing and support for themselves. The second team is trained to offer service for youth, single adults, families, and First Nations/Metis/Inuit Peoples to help them recover from homelessness and connect to services they need to stay housed. Tenants in the private market who are helped by these teams will access new subsidies to help them afford their rent. With this new approach, there will be one central waiting list for housing support (right now there are several) managed by… Lutherwood.”

We are looking forward to working closely with our fellow service providers and the Region as we pursue our common goal of preventing and ending homelessness in Waterloo Region.

"I feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity to learn and grow at the Waterloo Region Psychology Consortium. The range of experience across sites and never-ending support from my supervisors allowed me to meet every one of my training goals and provided me with professional opportunities that left me feeling prepared, confident, and excited about my future as a clinical psychologist."