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Evidence it is Never Too Late to Get What You Want

by Luc Daviau

Shirley you can’t be serious… she certainly is, as she racks up the barbell with 225 lbs. 78 years old and Shirley Webb can deadlift more than the average young adult male.

Shirley is a testament to everyone that believes they are “past their prime”. Everyone struggles from time to time, whether that is Shirley and her inability to get out of a chair on her own or for the person who just lost their job of 20 years, or the student leaving school with no clue of what to do next.

If you ever felt you were past your prime, I can assure you that Shirley is a proven example that you can always exceed people’s expectations.

Stay motivated on your goals and don’t allow negativity to hold you down, you can always achieve your goals. Sometimes you may need help, but there are people in everyone’s life that can help you lift your 225 lbs.

For more motivation, witness Shirley deadlift: