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Vunerable Persons Registry (VPR) Launched

The Vulnerable Persons Registry (VPR) is a community based policing initiative in partnership with the Waterloo Region Police Services, KidsAbility, the Waterloo Region Family Network and local agencies.

The registry promotes communication between vulnerable persons, the people who support them and the police. This information will assist officers when responding to an emergency involving the vulnerable individual. The registry provides quick access to critical information about a registered person, such as who to call in an emergency, a detailed physical description, and any particular sensitivities that the person may experience. Registration is completely voluntary. The database is to help alleviate safety concerns for those that are vulnerable in our community.

Check out:

Click here for frequently asked questions: VPR FAQs

Click here for the VPR Poster

If you have any questions, please contact:

Karen Huber, FASD Community Development Coordinator

519-884-1666 ext. 2263

"My daughter has come a long way. She is more mature, controls her emotions, and deals with conflict. She knows how to reframe and steer back to a more appropriate response. She fits in with her peers and we have a better relationship now."