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Drinking and Pregnancy

Lutherwood supports Region of Waterloo Public Health in announcing that September 9th is FASD day and that it is important to remember that there is no safe time, no safe amount and no safe kind of alcohol consumption in pregnancy.

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) is the term used to describe the range of permanent birth defects caused by prenatal exposure to alcohol. People affected with FASD can have learning disabilities, hyperactivity, memory deficits, trouble at school and work, trouble controlling emotions, and difficulty learning from past mistakes and solving problems. For more information, visit Public Health’s site or

"My first year, I didn't want to be here (and) did everything I could to try to get out. But eventually, I trusted these kind people with my life. I'm so glad I did because if I hadn't, I might have ended up in prison."
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