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In order to be transparent in our operations, Lutherwood shares reports that we believe will be of interest to our funders, donors and community. Below you will find our annual Community Reports, our Strategic Plans and our Audited Financial Statements below.

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Annual Community Reports

The world is changing and so is our work. Lutherwood remains focused on our vision of creating "A community where all children, youth, adults and families experience mental wellness, financial stability and a safe place to live." As we progress, we share our many exciting developments and achievements with you through our annual Community Reports. We encourage you to read about these achievements, our clients' successes, and the impact we are having on the community.

Strategic Plans

One of the most valuable aspects of strategic planning is that it gives us an opportunity to explore the intersection of our past, present and future. Our history is one of bringing together services for the benefit of our clients, using social enterprise and innovation to give us financial strength and stability, and maintaining strong human values to guide our work. Today, we work closely with funders and community partners to improve our services and transform the systems within which they operate. As we look ahead, we see many more opportunities to embrace change, use technology and work collaboratively to enhance services, improve systems and better serve our community.

Audited Financial Statements

A guiding objective of our financial program is to ensure Lutherwood is here to serve both current and future generations. Using long-established principles from the business sector, we have diversified our revenue sources, diligently contained costs and embraced the social enterprise concept. This financial stewardship has helped us weather economic uncertainty and position us well to continue our focus on helping those who turn to us for support with mental health concerns, job loss, housing needs, oppression, and other challenges in life.