Client Complaints Process
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Client Complaints Process

At times, you may feel concerned or dissatisfied about what happens while you’re involved with Lutherwood’s programs and services.

If you have concerns and feel that they are not being addressed, we want to know and are committed to resolving all complaints through the CLIENT COMPLAINT PROCEDURE outlined below. There will not be negative consequences because of making a complaint in good faith.


  • As a first step to resolve complaints, we encourage you to talk with your designated staff.


  • If you are dissatisfied with the response and feel your concerns have not been satisfactorily resolved, we will support you in contacting a Program Supervisor, Manager or Assistant Director or Director in that order.
  • Staff will facilitate contact between you and one of the above individuals in a way that best supports you and the circumstances involved.


  • Ongoing unresolved issues may be escalated to the Chief Executive Officer, or their designate either by phone or in writing.
  • Staff will assist you in making contact by providing you with contact information. The
  • CEO will review the issue, seek perspectives from those involved to help resolve the complaint in a timely and equitable manner.
  • Each step will be acknowledged within 3-5 business days and resolved within 14 business days from point it was acknowledged. If meeting defined timelines is not possible, you will be notified verbally or in writing that it will take longer and the reason for the delay.


  • If at any time you would like to talk to someone external to Lutherwood, you will be provided with contact information for the advocates office or appropriate authority. (e.g. Information and Privacy Commissioner, government funder).