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Institute for Children and Youth Mental Health

Using Applied Research to Enhance Children’s Mental Health Treatment

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Lutherwood’s Institute for Children and Youth Mental Health connects sector leaders and specialists across Canada with applied research and best/most promising practices for the betterment of children’s mental health service delivery.

Located at Lutherwood’s Children’s Mental Health Centre in Waterloo, Ontario, the Institute was launched in 2011, with a vision of connecting our national children’s mental health system. Today, the Institute is a national resource for children’s mental health professionals as it shares practical research insights and proven successes through events, educational opportunities and its unique collection of resources developed by children’s mental health professionals and freely used by individuals and agencies as practical supports for everyday work.

Sharing Tools, Resources and Research

UMIND is a national knowledge exchange platform that contains generous contributions from child and youth mental health treatment and resource centres across Canada. The free and secure website offers access to practical tools, promising interventions and a network of child and youth mental health professionals. Its goal is to give professionals more time to provide direct service to children, youth and their families as they spend less time developing programs and searching for promising interventions. UMIND is the result of a partnership between Lutherwood and Kids’ Health Links Foundation.

Lutherwood's Institute is also one of four partners including Lutherwood, the host agency, the University of Waterloo’s Campus Wellness and Centre for Mental Health Research, and the Waterloo Region District School Board that together offer four full-time residency positions: two working primarily with adults and two with children and adolescents as part of its Pre-Doctoral Residency positions in Psychology.

Thanks to our Sponsors

We are very grateful to The Cowan Foundation, Lyle S. Hallman Foundation and Kids’ Health Links Foundation for their support of Lutherwood's Institute and its offerings. To learn more about our sponsorship opportunities, please contact us.

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