Engaging Youth: The New Mentality
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Engaging Youth: The New Mentality

By Randy Penney, Director, Lead Agency

Group of Young Adults

The stigma of having a mental health issue stops too many youth from seeking help. Breaking that stigma down and transforming the system so that it works for youth, means engaging youth in the process. So Lutherwood, KW-Counselling and the Ontario Centre of Excellence of Child and Youth Mental Health (Ottawa) launched a local chapter of The New Mentality. 

With a network of youth facilitated groups across Ontario, The New Mentality has dedicated youth facilitators and adult allies who work together on projects to promote meaningful engagement by empowering young people to amplify their voices and work on the mental health issues they are most passionate about.

After a number of months of planning, our January 27 launch attracted seventeen youth and twenty-three adult staff members from local service agencies and laid the foundation for a local chapter to influence change within the mental health system and promote positive mental health and well-being in our schools and communities.

We want to thank all of the local agency staff and young people who came out last week. We are very appreciative of the strong partners that continue to make this happen: KW Counselling Services, The New Mentality, the Ontario Centre of Excellence for Child and Youth Mental Health and the KW Community Foundation.

For future updates on The New Mentality, follow our lead agency progress reports.