With Your Help, We Can End Youth Homelessness
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With Your Help, We Can End Youth Homelessness

Amy Sitting On Street

It is better to prevent a problem before it starts, rather than have to deal with the consequences later. Whether talking about an illness, or homelessness, prevention is always the better option.

Safe Haven Youth Shelter, a program of Lutherwood, is an emergency shelter that sleeps up to 10 youth a night, between 12 and 18 years old. We provide them with access to a range of essential services (a bed for the night, a hot shower, warm meals, laundry facilities), as well as a team of specialized youth workers who are there to listen and provide support. Safe Haven is open 24/7. We never close. And we never turn a child away.

A child living on the street is vulnerable to every kind of predator and risk you can think of. We have heard stories of sleeping in public washrooms during the winter months, accepting the protection of dubious adults, trying out dangerous substances, getting pulled into human trafficking and worse – these are real stories from kids and the risks are huge.  

Much of the work of Safe Haven is about prevention. You can help us intervene early by making sure a young person never spends a night on the street, never enters that spiral of risk. Your support of this program can often keep a family from fracturing and prevent their child from becoming homeless. You can change a child’s whole life if the experience of homelessness is avoided altogether.  

And you can help kids right now, by taking action to prevent a child from being homeless in Waterloo Region. How?  Here are two things you can do right now:

Sponsor a bed or a room:  

  • It costs $177 for one bed for one night, to keep youth safe, fed and cared for. One young person, safe and warm all night. Help kids with your gift of a bed right now. 
  • Become a monthly donor. Your recurring monthly gift will sustain this work year-round, increasing the impact of your generosity.  

Donate now or call 519-884-1470 to make your donation by phone. 

We can't say no to youth turning to us in desperation. And your generosity is a lifeline of safety, help and hope for kids. Please help us help them! 

Thank you for caring about the lives of kids in our community!

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