Employer Support

We offer services to assist employers with finding, keeping and supporting employees.

Youth Employment Fund

Employer Advantages

  • FREE resume screening and advertising for all of your recruitment needs
  • Tap into government funded financial assistance for training
  • Talk to our experienced Employment Consultants about how we can meet your recruitment needs and access the people you need within your community

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1.  Why are all of our services at no cost? 
TIOW - Targeted Initiative for Older Workers program- Service Canada (Federally funded)
SkillsLink - Access and Compass Youth programs - Service Canada (Federally funded) 
EO - Employment Ontario program - Service Ontario (Provincially funded)
2. What makes us different?
We provide individualized service with people looking for employment.  Our Advisors work with each job seeker to develop a customized plan , assess their needs, and support and guide individuals towards their employment goals. Our Employment Consultants establish, develop and maintain relationships with employers to match the needs of both employers and job seekers.
3. Where does our pool of job seekers come from?
Job seekers access our services through various community referrals, individual referrals, and online services.  They seek various employment opportunities from entry level to advanced careers in all sectors.
4. What sort of occupations do we focus on?
There is no limit to occupations or careers that we focus on.
5. I am interested.  What are my next steps?
Contact the following:
Cambridge - 519-623-9380
Guelph - 519-822-4141
Kitchener - 519-743-2460


If you are seeking an apprentice or information on tax and training incentives, we can meet with you to develop a training plan and link you and your employee with the local Apprenticeship Office. View our apprenticeship information and call your local location.

Downsizing and Closure Services (Outplacement)

Lutherwood’s qualified team of professionals assists individuals affected by permanent layoffs and closures. Skilled staff will provide the assistance necessary to help individuals prepare for the new economy. Services are available throughout Southwestern Region and are co-ordinated with other employment agencies to ensure capacity.



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