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We offer services to assist employers with finding, keeping and supporting employees.

Employers are invited to participate in a Virtual Job Fair!


Northern Lights Canada, Lutherwood, The Immigration Partnership and Conestoga College would like to invite you to participate in “Today's Portal for Tomorrow's Job”, this Region’s second annual Virtual Job Fair taking place February 10th and 11th.

The face of recruitment is changing and virtual job fairs are increasingly becoming an effective way for employers to find top talent to fill their vacancies. You will be able to connect with job seekers locally, provincially, nationally and internationally.

Employers will have access to a large group of job seekers, including those receiving services through local Employment Ontario Service Providers, Conestoga College graduates and over 15,000 candidates registered through Skills International.

TO REGISTER AS AN EMPLOYER, please CLICK HERE. The information collected is solely for the purpose of registering companies for this virtual job fair and will remain confidential. 



With a virtual booth, your employees can work from their office or from home and can work on company business when they are not doing interviews.

No hassles for transporting, setting up, and taking down booth materials

You don’t have to send out company representatives or recruiters to man the booth

Less paperwork to handle; no more piles of paper resumes to collect, sort, and bring back

  • With a virtual event job seekers are not limited to a geographical area, so employers get exposure to regional, national, and international job seekers.
  • Every single click is tracked. You can know specifically how many, whom, and when attendees visited your booth. You can also view who downloaded/viewed individual content items and when.
  • Chat with attendees in real time during the live event dates via an intuitive text chat functionality. Group and private 1to1 chat options are standard. One staff member may participate in multiple chats at once.
  • All chat transcripts are recorded archived and can be downloaded.
  • Ability for booth staff to initiate a video/audio chat with a participant
  • There are over 100 booth templates to choose from. Each template allows for the uploading of a banner and logo of your choice. Further customize the look and feel of your booth by exporting the booth image and editing in additional graphics and marketing communications.

Payment can be made by contacting Carolyn Pokulok at Northern Lights (905) 443-1001, ext. 2022 or cpokulok@northernlightscanada.ca.

Should you require further information or have any questions regarding the job fair or registration, please feel free to contact our Employment Consultant, Phil Barakoski at pbarakoski@lutherwood.ca or (519) 623-9383 ext. 1157.

Canada-Ontario Job Grant

The Canada-Ontario Job Grant (COJG) provides an opportunity for employers to invest in their workforce, with help from the government. If you're an employer with a particular skills demand, the Canada-Ontario
Job Grant might be right for you. 

How it works

  • The Canada-Ontario Job Grant is a cost sharing agreement between businesses and the government
  • The government will fund on average, two-thirds of a worker’s eligible training costs up to a maximum of $10,000 per trainee
  • As an employer, you contribute the remaining costs for each trainee
  • Employers must apply online at: http://www.tcu.gov.on.ca/eng/eopg/cojg/index.html

Employer Eligibility

Individual businesses and business organizations can apply. Employers applying for the Canada-Ontario Job Grant must:

  • contribute a minimum of one-third of eligible training costs in cash, with additional flexibility for small employers (50 or fewer employees)
  • employ the individual selected for training
  • be licensed to operate in Ontario
  • be applying for training that is delivered in Ontario (for a job that is also located in Ontario)
  • Maintain appropriate workplace insurance and comply with all applicable federal and provincial labour and human rights legislation.

Businesses that are NOT eligible for funding include:

  • Broader public sector organizations, as defined by the Broader Public Sector Accountability Act
  • Canada-Ontario Job Grant service providers
  • Businesses that are receiving other government funds related to training the same individuals (i.e. the Youth Employment Fund, Employment Ontario Employer subsidies, etc.)

Participant Eligibility

Individuals trained under the grant must:

  • be a resident of Ontario, and a Canadian citizen, permanent resident or protected person
  • not already be participating in full-time education or training, including participation in any other government training program (e.g., apprenticeship) that offers similar training supports
  • be sponsored by an employer

Eligible Training

Training through the COJG is driven by employer demand and must be directly related to the skill need indentified by the employer.
Training must NOT exceed one year in duration and must be provided by one of the following third-party providers:

  • Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology
  • Publicly-assisted universities
  • School boards
  • Private trainers operating in compliance with the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005
  • Union-based training centres
  • Product vendors (eg., related to software or machinery)
  • Literacy and basic skills providers

To learn more

For more information, please visit www.ontario.ca/employeetraining or contact staff at your local site:

Youth Employment Fund

Employer Advantages

  • FREE resume screening and advertising for all of your recruitment needs
  • Tap into government funded financial assistance for training
  • Talk to our experienced Employment Consultants about how we can meet your recruitment needs, achieve employee diversity within your organization and access the people you need within your community

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1.  Why are all of our services at no cost? 
TIOW - Targeted Initiative for Older Workers program- Service Canada (Federally funded)
SkillsLink - Access and Compass Youth programs - Service Canada (Federally funded) 
EO - Employment Ontario program - Service Ontario (Provincially funded)
2. What makes us different?
We provide individualized service with people looking for employment.  Our Advisors work with each job seeker to develop a customized plan , assess their needs, and support and guide individuals towards their employment goals. Our Employment Consultants establish, develop and maintain relationships with employers to match the needs of both employers and job seekers.
3. Where does our pool of job seekers come from?
Job seekers access our services through various community referrals, individual referrals, and online services.  They seek various employment opportunities from entry level to advanced careers in all sectors.
4. What sort of occupations do we focus on?
There is no limit to occupations or careers that we focus on.
5. I am interested.  What are my next steps?
Contact the following:
Cambridge - 519-623-9380
Guelph - 519-822-4141
Kitchener - 519-743-2460


If you are seeking an apprentice or information on tax and training incentives, we can meet with you to develop a training plan and link you and your employee with the local Apprenticeship Office. View our apprenticeship information and call your local location.

Downsizing and Closure Services (Outplacement)

Lutherwood’s qualified team of professionals assists individuals affected by permanent layoffs and closures. Skilled staff will provide the assistance necessary to help individuals prepare for the new economy. Services are available throughout Southwestern Region and are co-ordinated with other employment agencies to ensure capacity.



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